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Oh Glee, you were just what I needed tonight. You have been so disappointing, mostly in this second season, but this episode almost makes up for all that. Please continue to be well written and well acted and believable, unlike the way you have been, and maybe I'll forgive you for putting Sam with Quinn and not Kurt.

Also, I know he was totally cheesy and too perfect and probably is going to have some deep dark secret, but Blaine is amaaaaazing. Prince Charming, seriously. And he was singing Katy Perry. I'm sold. I don't even normally like a capella men's groups (Harvard's men's chorus singing Rhianna's Umbrella? ick), but wow, I love this.

I was all ready to write a freak out post with stuff going on irl at the moment, which will be resolved one way or the other after this weekend, but Glee mellowed me out (which, while not unwelcome, was a complete surprise). And as to who kissed Kurt? Loved it, even if it is kinda a trope.

You're making me want to cosplay you more and more, Glee, and I don't know if I can allow that to happen. Then again, guy cheerleader uniform. Hmm. So tempting.

Also, listening to this Teenage Dream cover on repeat and all the talk of "skin tight jeans" is really making me want to push my Suzaku jumpsuit cosplay from Code Geass up. Dammit, Glee, stay out of my cosplay plans.
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"For these ten years you've lived with everything I've lost and loved another woman through it all, and I am cruel? I could peel you like a pear and God himself would call it justice!" - Eleanor of Aquitaine, The Lion in Winter

That about sums up how I'm feeling these days. :(

Oh well, I suppose there are worse people to realize you are than Eleanor of Aquitaine. Or Katherine Hepburn.
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Maria Holic Opening


If, like me, you are going to Mechacon this weekend, then you are probably also like me and are dashing about madly like a chicken with its head cut off to finish everything and pack. Or maybe you're more responsible than I. Whatevs. betch

I'm finishing up the games for my Yaoi Game Night panel at the moment. If you're going and also happen to subscribe to my journal, what luck you are in, as this (and dA) is the only place I'm posting any info about what games I have planned! Might give you an edge to win some prizes. *hint hint* We'll be playing Match the Seme and Uke, Yaoi Trivial Pursuit, Yaoi Bingo, Hot Potato (with a yaoi twist!), compete for the Best Mangasm, listen to some dirty songs, and watch some sexy AMVs. Yaoi Night will be at 1AM Friday night in Panel Room 2, immediately after the Ball closes. 18+ only; ID required.

In addition to the Yaoi Social, I'll also be presenting three other panels throughout the weekend: Intro to Leatherworking for Cosplay, Basic Photoshoot Makeup for Cosplay, and Crossplay. If you're going, I hope you'll stop by at one or more of my panels! :3

On top of the panels, I'm also one of the judges at the Cosplay Competition, and I'll be playing Mori-sempai at the Formal Ball. Come grab a dance! I'm going to be... very busy to say the least. But I am determined to do fulfill all my obligations, party on Bourbon Street, go to the Cafe du Monde, go to the casino, and party with all my peeps! And somehow not die of exhaustion! :D

No sleep for me tonight. I'm heading to Houston straight after my weekly acupuncture for a layover at my mama's, then it's off to New Orleans Thursday morning! Not a drive I'm excited about taking by myself... six hours... but it'll be worth it!

I should arrive at the hotel before 6pm, so you can get a hold of me then. Or, if you'd like, leave a comment and I'll text you when I get there. (I think I have everyone's number who's going, but if you think I don't, you can message it to me.)
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Seifer Over the Shoulder

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Soooo I went to my new neurologist today so I could establish care and get a new prescription for my fibromyalgia medicine and this one doesn't think I have fibromyalgia :|

It's kind of jarring to know something so major for such a period of time, and then call it into question. I was used to fibromyalgia. I had come to terms with it as it were. There is no test for fibromyalgia, not really, so diagnosis is all through description of symptoms, basically. So maybe I have it, maybe I don't. Either way, I'm still staying on the same prescription. Getting an MRI and starting acupuncture soon.

Brb, graduating.
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Key Walking


"Books to the ceiling,
Books to the sky,
My pile of books is a mile high.
How I love them! How I need them!
I'll have a long beard by the time I read them."
-Arnold Lobel

I unpacked my books today, guys. I sorted them into themed stacks: Novels, children's books, instructional art books, art books, photo books, costume/fashion reference books, culture and language books, American comics, manga, sheet music, video game guides, technical manuals, text books, religious/metaphysical books, sewing/drafting/textiles texts, and GLBT history/mens' studies/gender studies/trashy romance novels.

Actually, that's not all of them. I have several out I'm reading right now. And I keep feeling like there's another box somewhere, but I think that's just me being paranoid.

Those two boxes under the table? Full of manga and artbooks. That green bag? Pattern drafting/draping/textiles textbooks.
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Little Prince

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I've signed up to be a beta over at deancasbigbang. I have yet to write anything in the SPN fandom, but them's mah boys, so I'll do this. That's a lie, actually, but I haven't gotten the courage up around to posting the drabble I wrote. I have an idea for a longer fic, but I don't think I'm up to a Big Bang yet. Or even a Mini Bang. So here I am, a beta again. ...I hope I don't regret deciding to do this lol.

That reminds me, I missed out on the FFExchange this year. And you know what's sad about that? The reason I never filled out my form was that I had nothing to request ._. Oh well. Last round no one used me as a beta and I still got presents, so I still feel badly about that.

Not that anyone on my FList is a SPN fan, but if you know any Dean/Castiel fans, kindly inform them of the Big Bang please!

Bitching Before the Season Finale Tonight

I'll be the first to admit that I watch shows with my Slash Goggles on; being gay and a fan of romance tends does that to one in our heterosexually dominated society. My Slash Goggles usually get enough Slash Points to level up to Ship Goggles at some point, usually with the help of forays into Fandom, where Slash Points accumulate the quickest.

Slash Goggles scan the environs for likely couples, and, barring any likely gay loving (or finding none especially appealing), move on to finding the hottest pairing possible, regardless of likelihood. Once Ship Goggles lock on, it's all over. If the two are in a scene together, I'm undoubtedly putting thoughts of undying love and devotion into their heads, no matter what the writers have them saying. Ship Goggles only stay such if there are others who support the pairing, but if there are no others, Ship Goggles become Dream Goggles. So I am more than willing to admit that my perception of how shows are written and consistency of characterization are probably a little skewed, especially when I'm waiting a week in between episodes and not watching them back-to-back. But when there are almost 3500 people echoing what I think I've seen, I have to think there's at least something there.

Case in point: Supernatural, Dean and Cas. There are plenty of signs to send us slashers into a frenzy, make us all atwitter, and make our hearts go pitter-pat. And then break. And then go pitter-pat again. Highlights: 1) Cas saves Dean from Hell. Literally. 2) Because of said rescue, Dean bears Cas's hand print on his arm. He's wearing his mark. 3) Cas rebelled against Heaven. For Dean, of course. 4) "My superiors begun to question my sympathies . . . I was getting too close to the humans in my charge. You. They feel I have begun to express emotions. Doorways to doubt. This can impair my judgment." 5) "I killed two angels this week. My brothers. I'm hunted. I rebelled. And I did it, all of it, for you." 6) "Well, Cas, not for nothing, but the last person who looked at me like that, I got laid. *suggestive wink*"

That doesn't even begin to cover all the moments they have, or all the staring, or the kinda hot really corny scene in the alley where Cas beats the crap outta Dean, but I'm trying to list canon examples here, not things that are only there through my Ship Goggles. Even if you don't even own a pair of Slash Goggles, even if you hate slash, you have to recognize that there's a connection, a friendship, there.

We haven't seen Cas for the past two episodes. The characters in the show started to think he was dead. He calls Dean this week, and we get nothing. No reaction to speak of at all.

The writers know slash exists. Hell, even the characters on the show know slash exists. They know slash about them exists. It's almost as if the writers saw what fandom was thinking and went 'Crap. We gotta stop this, guys. What can we do to make Dean and Cas the least slashable guys round? Well, writing them in voices that say they barely care if the other is all right out of the blue sounds great after we built up this great friendship, let's go with that.'

I can't deny that my Ship Goggles influences my opinion quite a bit, but I can't help but feel that writers are getting lazy. Hello, it's the Apocalypse. The End of Days. The Revelation of Saint John the Divine is come to pass. There is not time for the Brothers Winchester to go on stupid piddling non-Lucifer-killing hunts if you're going to rush the end of the season like this, writers, no matter how much you justify the episode lacking any plot development whatsoever with a non-sequitor character revelation that no one cares about and the audience already knows (Sam, I'm looking at you after the hiatus). Now you've wasted so many filler episodes that you have to rush the main storyline because it has to be wrapped up by the end of the season, which is, oh yeah, tonight.

We were not fooled, either, writers, into thinking that Dean has been carrying around deep rooted feelings for a girl who has a son that Dean thought was his and who appeared in one episode two or three seasons ago and has not been mentioned once since. Yes, that was a nice scene where Dean drove all night to see her for three minutes. Totally believable. Even if I didn't believe and have faith in Dean and Cas's twu wuv (and trust me, I totally do), I wouldn't be buying that. If you had included at least a reference somewhere since we last saw her (I can't even remember her name, that's how insignificant she is), then maybe. But so randomly? Nice way to slap a beard on him to discourage the slashers, people.

Show has been kinda declining and leaving loose ends ever since the episode where the ending scene had a pretty badly beat up Cas deposited none-too-lightly on the motel bed... and nothing said about him. Not in the next episode either. Actually, show has been declining since the end of the hiatus, when, in the last episode, Dean failed to kill Lucifer, and Luci summoned Death. ...then we were back to monster-of-the-week.

Show, please don't disappoint me tonight. I realize you will anyway, but a prayer can't hurt.
Little Prince


I'm not going. It's way too expensive and stressful, especially for a con that I consistently enjoy less and less with each passing year. I have no new costumes, and Kuragiman's photoshoot slots are all filled anyway. I'll miss the people and meeting new people, of course, but almost everyone that's going to A-kon will be at Mechacon, which is a much bigger priority for me since I am committed to going and helping doing pseudo-staff-type things. All other cons are up in the air as well, save for Oni.

Not going to A-kon isn't a total loss; I'm going to Austin Pride instead. Much cheaper, much less clothing on generally hotter guys, and less homophobia than the otaku community produces. I'll be there with bells on, betch. Or, y'know, at least rainbows.
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Seifer Annoying Zell

Nuns in a Bus on a Freeway

So I'm all moved in to my new place, which kicks ass, by the way. Still a few things that need to be fixed up by maintenance, but that's to be expected anywhere. To be honest, I'm still living out of boxes for the most part. Only the bare essentials have been unpacked. I'm going to unpack the bathrooms and at least part of the kitchen by Monday. Unpacking most of the other stuff involves playing Real-Life Sims and moving furniture until I decide what I want to do with it all and what I have to get rid of. Yay for furniture sliders!

I've been pretty much rotating days between hanging out with people here in Austin and recuperating the following day. I've been hanging out a lot with Sami and Dominic, and trying to make plans with Sandra and Fiona. In between that, I'm finding new doctors, reading, and watching my tv when new episodes are on.

Donnelisa's moved to Austin from Louisiana and I took her on the town Friday. We went swimming in Barton Springs, had lunch at Shady Grove, ice cream at Amy's, then went to the wonderland that is Toy Joy, and finished it off by a quick jaunt in Buffalo Exchange (which had biker jackets I wanted but had no business even looking at... though I may go buy one. I know, I'm horrible) before I dropped her off back in south Austin (I live in north Austin, but I love her, so I guess driving across town to pick her up and drop her off is worth it). We were going to go to Momoko's as well, but she had to be back before her roommate left for work, because she doesn't have a set of keys yet, and Toy Joy was definitely the more important part of her Austin experience education. Plus we already had ice cream, we didn't really need bubble tea as well. I'm thinking of teacher her how to drive, 'cause she doesn't know how.

As we were eating our late lunch/early dinner, the tv was playing a corny movie from the 70s that had nuns and cute girls and lesbianic undertones, so of course Donnelisa was entranced with it. She felt like she had seen the movie before, and I felt like I knew some of the actresses, so we asked our waiter if he knew what was playing. He didn't (he was kinda awkward), but soon, we asked someone else and that led to the majority of the waitstaff wanting to know too, and finally one found out that it was Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows for us. That's where the title of this post comes from. Because there were nuns. In a bus. On a freeway. That's also totally my new band's name, and no, you can't have it. There was also totally a carwash scene with the bus's windows rolled down, and lots and lots of bubbles.

Tomorrow I'm going with Sami and apparently ten or so of her other friends an hour south of Austin to Lockhart, Texas to eat at Smitty's, an apparently very famous barbecue restaurant. Hopefully, I will be seeing Fiona later this week, and maybe Sandra too. I may possibly drag someones out to a club on Friday so we can snark on people (another reason to teach Donnelisa to drive - underage=automatic designated driver). My parents are coming to Austin this next weekend for Mother's Day brunch at The Four Seasons and to see my new place, as my stepdad hasn't seen it at all yet. My grandmother's not coming, because she has to be in a physical rehab center for a while while she gets better. I'm kinda vague on the specifics, and there's a lot of drama and noncommunication going on with my family (moreso than normally happens, I mean) so I don't even think any one person involved knows everything either.

I haven't told my father I've moved back to Austin yet. He lives here, and it would make sense to, but I don't know if I will. If the next time I communicate with the man is to come out to him by sending him a wedding invitation (with a post script reading "By the way, you're walking me down the aisle and giving me away, fucker"), I'd be happy with that.

Despite all the crap that's going on my life at the moment, I am just so happy to be back in Austin. I can drink the tap water without getting nauseated like I do in other major Texan cities, and despite not having lived here in almost ten years, I remember where to go. Maybe the pieces don't connect to each other seamlessly since I moved before I started driving, but it's really just a matter of connecting the dots with freeways. I was worried that I wouldn't feel like I belonged here any more, but everyone is so friendly and accepting, and the environ so open and creative, I have to laugh at my previous skepticism. I may have retreated into a cynical and relatively unhappy shell in Houston and San Antonio, but now that I'm home in the City of the Violet Crown, I feel like I'm a person again; a happier, more whole person.

There are actual events that are actually entertaining in Austin as well. I'm planning on going to the Pecan Street Festival, the Big Gay Garage Sale (also can't wait for the City Wide Garage Sale!), and maybe this adults-only spelling bee a local restaurant is hosting. Might even enter the last one. Sadly, I missed Eeyore's Birthday Party last weekend because I went up to see Nessa, Brian, and Holly, and we went to Scarborough Faire for Nessa's birthday (photographic evidence here), which, while I would have rather been able to go to both, was not a huge disappointment. I'll try to get them to come down here for that next year. I'll just pretend it was raining and nasty down here while I was up there.
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Defeated Chun Li

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Even though I was kind of expecting it, it's still a huge emotional blow to me to find out my application for admission was rejected by UT. They won't even look at my transcript from IADT to see that I was able to raise my GPA once I found the right doctors and figured out what all is wrong with me because they don't accept the accreditation. There's an appeals process but I'm not holding my breath on it. May as well try, but looks like I'm not getting in to UT this year. I could go to community college to retake courses and raise my GPA, but it's hard to keep wanting something, even something like this that I've wanted literally for my whole life, when I keep getting knocked down as I reach for it.
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