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Om nom nom... I eat your friends page... om nom nom...

I dislike caffeine. I dislike how it makes me feel and makes my heart race; it feels too close to the physical sensations caused by guilt. But I think I was getting a migraine earlier so I popped two Excedrin and bought a bottle of diet Pepsi on campus. So I'm kinda full of it right now.

In recent events, I went to the hospital late Friday night. My sugars were really high, so high I was throwing up, and I didn't have my needles with me. I thought I brought them with me to the party, but I didn't have any. Party food is not good for my blood sugar, kids. It's nearly all solid sugar or carbs. Turns out I didn't need to go really. Marlon was nice enough to go get my needles and I gave myself an injection right before they wheeled me out to the ambulance so when I got there all they did was pump me full of fluids. Which felt so nice. Where can I buy bags of saline and some IV needles? So they sent me home by giving me a voucher for a cab.

But when I got home, I didn't have my keys, or my phone, or my glasses, or my wallet, or even shoes, and to top it all off, I was just in thin pajama pants and a muscle shirt (it was PJ's birthday party, and it was a pajama party [a PJ PJ party, get it?]) and it was cold. After borrowing Kyle's cell phone (I walked over to his and Bridget's house and had to wake them up...) I made two failed attempts to get into my apartment by calling the emergency number listed on the leasing office and then calling the maintenance number (turned out it was the same bitch on both numbers 'cause it was an answering service at that hour).

Having failed at that, I called my mom to see about getting a locksmith to come out, which had to be paid for in advance, and I couldn't do it because I didn't have my wallet. This was completely unnecessary though, as Bridget was going to go over to Nicole and PJ's place at ten thirty or so, which I only found out about after I called and needlessly panicked my mother, causing her to call me practically every day since, to my mild annoyance. Bridget either went over or didn't, I don't remember, but the point is moot since Nicole came over on her way to work and brought me most of my things, including my keys and wallet.

So I then went home and went to sleep for three days. Yeah, I skipped photography on Monday and again today because I ran out of paper on Tuesday so I didn't have the assignment done. That's not quite true, I had two sheets left, enough to make four prints, but I was so tired, I just went home.

I then stayed up all night on Monday night to do an assignment for Women and Gender Studies that turns out is due tomorrow anyway. And I'm behind on the reading for that class.

So between being behind in reading for WGS, behind on prints for Photography, having to finish polishing up my first project for Film, trying to organize Lambda, going to so many doctor's appointments, and packing to move in about two weeks, I am very stressed.

On a positive note (not that things are really so bad, just mostly very busy and stressful at the moment), I've started reading Kaori Mori's manga Emma, also known as Emma: A Victorian Romance in its anime form. It's a josei manga (josei is a genre of manga/anime targeted towards older women, as opposed to shoujo, which is targeted at a younger audience; it is characterized by a more realistic portrayal of life with the absence of magical or fantastical elements and a less idealized representation of romance than shoujo usually presents) about a maid in the late nineteenth century in London who falls in love with a member of the gentry who's not an aristocrat, but is somewhat wealthy; a member of the newly emerging middle class, which came about as a direct result of the industrial revolution. Of course, the main conflict comes from their class differences. Emma also has many, many suitors and William has at least one, so they may play a role later in the storyline.

I really enjoy this series so far. It's simple and cute, but not without motivation and drive. I'll post a download link later for those interested (which I know Holly is at least).

I have blue hair now. But you can't have pictures.

You can go see my new Chun Li crossplay photos though. The first one on that page - Balance - was featured on a 4chan thread about "cosplayers with nice tits" XD No one knew I was a guy until someone pointed it out at the very end of the thread.

This one is my favorite :3

Pictures appear courtesy of Kuragiman of Cosplay Photography.
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